prodotti tipici calabresi

Pizzicotti of Calabria


A product suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets, prepared from a mix of chopped vegetables, with added hot chili peppers, sunflower seed oil and a modest amount of salt. The chili gives flavor by enhancing its intense aroma and bright red color.

Ingredients: Eggplant, hot chili pepper, dried green tomatoes, mushrooms (tricholoma portentosum), porcini mushrooms (boletus edulis 2%), sunflower seed oil, salt, wine vinegar, oregano, parsley, garlic. GLUTEN-FREE AND LACTOSE-FREE. Free of preservatives and dyes.

NUTRITIONAL VALUES per g. 100 of product
kJ 545 kcal 131
Fats g 10.5
Of which saturated g 1.1
Carbohydrates g 6
Of which sugars g 3.5
Protein g 2.2
Salt g 3