Typical products

‘Nduja di Spilinga


Already seasoned ‘Nduja di Spilinga is used for this product, which, when freed from the casing, is reshuffled. It is placed in glass jar inside which a drizzle of sunflower oil is added to cover it and, finally, it is pasteurized. The hot chili pepper characterizes the flavor by enhancing its intense aroma and bright red color.

Ingredients: fat and Pork (Origin ITALY), sweet and hot chili pepper, sunflower seed oil, salt.

Ideal: on freshly baked bread, on pizza and to flavor your sauces; also excellent with semi – aged cheeses.

NUTRITIONAL VALUES per g. 100 of product
kJ 2.417 Kcal 577
Fat g 55
Of which saturatedi g 12
Carbohydrates g 1,5
Of which sugar g 0
Proteins g 19
Salt g 4,5