Linea Speciale


I.G.P. CALABRIA Bianco Frizzante


The SINFONIA wine is exclusively obtained implementing a natural fermentation process. The color is light, fragrance pleasant and its special taste is fruity and sweet, it goes down well thanks to his fine lightness. It is perfect like aperitif, but it goes well also with the appetizers in general, with rice and in every convivial occasion.


Grape: 50% Greco bianco and 50% Chardonnay
Total alcohol: 11,5% by volume.
Production technique: through the most up-to-day- techniques.
Features: with a straw yellow color, with some lime green reflects, with a pleasant and elegant bouquet with light scents of white flowers. It has a
light and fresh taste.
Serving suggestions: it is perfect as aperitif, but it matches very well with starters in general, risottos and by every convivial occasion.
Ideal service temperature: 8/9 °C.