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Don Angelo

Cirò Rosato D.O.P.


This wine arises in the heart of the Cirò territory, place of a long wine tradition. It is obtained by 90% Gaglioppo grapes and 10% Syrah grapes as a joyful result of the winning combination of altitude, favourable exposition of the land and mild climate.The wine is dedicated to the Baron Angelo Capoano, son of Baron Raffaele Capoano.


Grape: 90% Gaglioppo and 10% Syrah
Total alcohol: 13,5 % by volume
Production technique: obtained by a wine making of the must from the first pressing of the grapes, which gives the wine a brilliant rosè color.
Features: delicate wine bouquet, dry, fresh and pleasing to the taste.
Serving suggestions: particularly suitable with first courses, risottos, white meats and unelaborated red meats dishes, shellfish and salmon.
Ideal service temperature: 8/10 °C