The historic Capoano family boasts a range of illustrious figures, dating back over thirteen centuries, in the fields of science, history, law, art and religion. Their passion for wine production, to delight their own palates as well as those of their guests, is equally ancient.


In the family archives lies an ancient letter in which Pietro Capoano, Cardinal of Amalfi, wrote to his brother Raffaele: “Brother, I enquire you the nectar for
which His Holiness has asked me to seek provision”.


n 1997 Doctor B. R. Capoano, a surgeon, began to bottle the nectar, preserving the ancient country traditions in keeping with modern wine-making technology, using the skills of internationally famous oenologists and putting a cardinal principle,
unchanged throughout the centuries, first and foremost: aim only and always for quality and never quantity.



Massimiliano Capoano, son of Dr. Raffaele Capoano, who took over from his father in 2005, has given a modern impetus to both production and sales, while keeping intact the family character of the company: since taking over he has always cooperated and worked together manually, furnishing several examples of managerial initiative.



The estate extends over approximately twenty hectares, among centuries-old olive groves and autochthonous vineyards. From this land D.O.C. wines and oil have been produced for over two thousand years, giving prestige and authority to the real Cirò production: it is sufficient to recall that the wine was offered to the winners of the Olympic games more than two thousand years ago. The cellars cover 600 sq. Metres. Storage and refining the most vintage of the wines takes place in the underground vaults of the family mansion, amid stone walls 2.5 metres thick which, to this end, guarantee a constant, optimal temperature.


One particular characteristic of the vines is the age of the root-stocks, low and “tree-like” and which together with the hillside land, guarantee a low yield per hectare of grape production (about 2 kg per vine) but certainly the highest quality of musts, indispensable for producing the most prestigious wines. All these factors form the framework of a mosaic, featuring a product that is unique in quality and tradition, so much so that it is requested by the best wine sellers and the most prestigious restaurants.